Mining and Geological Audit

IMC Montan is an international consulting group, providing geology, mineral mining and processing services.


Competent Person’s Report (CPR)

IMC Montan is an independent consulting company recognized by international banking and investment structures and having the vastest experience in the world in preparation of mining companies’ IPOs. Our company will prepare a Competent Person's Report (MER / CPR) that is an integral part of a package of documents for mining companies disclosing their financial results publicly

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Valuation of Mineral Resources and Reserves According to International Standards

Mineral resources/reserves valuations according to international standards (JORC, NI 43-101, PERC and other) are currently one of the most saleable and marketable consulting services, since they enable mining companies to enter the international financial markets and produce the auditor’s report according to international standards.

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Mining Projects Due Diligence

Our company will produce independent mining operations or projects due diligence aimed at objective disclosure and presentation of their current status. The work results in assessment of the potential to maintain or build up production.

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QA / QC of Exploration

QA/QC of exploration will be done at the initial stage of the deposit development and as a rule starts at the time of exploration programme preparation.

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Owner’s Engineer Report

This work is carried for financial institutions or at the request of the company owners. A standard OER includes:

  • Analysis of the current status of the Project and documentation.
  • Updating of the Project parameters.
  • Development of OER procedure.
  • Monitoring of budget performance and intended use of funding
  • Detailed gap analysis causing deviation/variation of the initial Project parameters. Gap related risks.
  • Actions aimed at mitigation of negative implications.

Monitoring may be carried out on monthly, quarterly or other regular bases. When the Service Provider is required to be on site on a permanent basis and to participate directly in the Project implementation activity control, a team of qualified independent experts will be formed


Environment Impact Assessment

IMC Montan has the required qualifications to carry out comprehensive analysis and operations environmental impact assessment and to tackle issues of rational nature management, including estimation of restoration costs.

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Investor Support and Reports for Financial Institutions

Having vast experience in mining business, IMC Montan will support potential investors and banks through services of independent experts’ assessment of documents and materials related to mines development.

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