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Our Track Record


Due Diligence of the Business Plan for the Development of the Syllakh Field


The Consultant has verified technical, commercial and economic assumptions in the business plan, conducted the analysis of the project implementation possible deviations and risks.

Due Diligence of the Nasedkino Gold Processing Plant Operation in the Course of the Development of the Nasedkino and Itakinskoye Gold Deposits

Zabaikalsky Krai

Due Diligence of the gold processing plant potential capacity has been developed for the course of the development of the Nasedkino and Itakinskoye gold deposits. The resource base, the prospects for further exploration of the Nasedkino deposit and the potential capacity of the Surmyanaya Gorka and Maleevsky areas of Itakinsky deposits have been considered.

Technical and Economic Audit (Due Diligence) of Elga Coal Deposit


At the request of Elgaugol GOK IMC Montan has carried out an update of Technical and Economic Audit, including analysis of the structure, legal, production, and economic aspects of the enterprise. Based on the results of the Audit conclusions and risk assessment were provided.

Siberian Anthracite Resources and Reserves Valuation

Novosibirsk and Kemerovo Oblast

At the request of Siberian Anthracite, IMC Montan conducted valuation of resources and reserves of coal assets according to the JORC Code. All aspects of the mine operations were analysed and the planned indicators have been adjusted